That Party That One Night Wins at Post Alley

Stoked to tell everyone about That Party That One Night winning an Audience Award and Best Director at the 10th Annual Post Alley Film Festival in Seattle .Thank You Women In Film SeattleVon Piglet Productions and Bad Animals Seattle. Also these nice little words.

AUDIENCE AWARD - Sponsored by Bad Animals Seattle
That Party That One Night, Mylissa Fitzsimmons, writer, director

BEST DIRECTOR AWARD - Sponsored by Von Piglet Productions
That Party That One Night,, Mylissa Fitzsimmons, writer, director

An honest, compelling coming of age film about teen seedling relationships with universal, ageless appeal, That Party That One Night is reminiscent of mumblecore subgenre but deftly guided by Mylissa Fitzsimmon’s directorial hand. There’s clearly a story-teller at work guiding her characters and their arc. The acting is loose and easy and spot on; with actors handily delivering dialogue by writer/director Fitzsimmons. No gimmicks here, just straightforward filmmaking, with an ending cleverly leaving you on the upswing.